R package

Install R packages on an offline server

Prerequisite: Access to a machine with internet connections in the same operating system as the server’s operating system. If using RStudio on Windows, you need a Windows machine If using R in Linux, need a Linux machine (Farm server works too) Virtual machine and WSL should probably work Steps Install the same R version on your machine as the offline machine’s Windows will require Rtools to compile from source Create and open an R session in a new directory Install packages needed When installing some packages in an old version of R (e.

A R package that creates blank Rmd files

I have created this package to create a blank Rmd file by saving a nearly blank Rmd template to the menu when you create Rmd files. I think it at least follows the first half of the UNIX orthodox: programs that do one thing and do it well. 😂 Reflection: the main purpose for me to create this package, other than making life easier, is to practise how to publish a R package onto github and to install it from there.